A Return Ticket To The Past

HOW IT STARTED | a red canvas diary.

A small book had caught my eye and I asked if I could take this diary out and have a look. I quickly got the impression that the diarist must have lived somewhere in the English countryside, but there was no name to indicate who wrote it. After I had leafed through most of its pages, I decided that I was going to buy it. Not because the booklet had been full of interesting details (quite the opposite), but because it was full of mystery. How did an English diary, written in the Second World War, end up in The Netherlands in a shop selling second-hand things like tableware, furniture and books?

WHAT HAPPENED NEXT | a non-fiction book.

When reading the diary in 2017, I gradually learned more about the life of the writer. G is our diarist. First I called him X, then he was known as T and later I discovered that his given name was G. I travelled to England and found the farm where the diary had been written. G’s life story was puzzling me, but the tale began… I had to write it down. It felt like a return ticket to 1944, and on my way I realized that it had been a return ticket for the diarist too. At this point of time I’m not going to give away the plot. I will do what G did: keep silent.

HOW IT WILL CONTINUE | a blog online.

Because there is a lot more to discover and a book can not contain all the information, this blog will give the updates. For the ones who love past time & family history puzzles: keep in touch!