Country Life Magazine

In 1944 C. posted an advertisement in Country Life Magazine, she was looking for a “Modern SALOON CAR required, nominal mileage preferably under 20,000.”

C. was forty years of age when this advertisement was posted in the Magazine. She lived in London in the urban area of Golders Green and spend most of her week-ends in the countryside.

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C + N loved cars, and so did G. He had been the managing clerk at a garage before the war. He wrote [saturday, April 15] in Diary 1944: N arrived at 2. p.m. with Van, new 10 Ford. Looks good. I feel good.” Normally G. took a horse and cart to move around. Motoring was severely curtailed, petrol was rationed and there were very few private cars on the road. After the war N. would start a Motor Company and he became a car dealer.