“Saw a film Claudia quite good”

G. writes in his diary on monday 21 February 1944 Dry and cold, very cold. After usual chores to E. and on to Sev. Market, very dull. Saw a film “Claudia” quite good. The mare went to its Lingfield work to Mr. Green, but was returned back this evening having repeated an episode already witnessed + handled by me. I was not really surprised.

“Claudia” is a 1943 American film (comedy-drama by 20th Century Fox) directed by Edmund Goulding and written by Morrie Ryskind, starring: Dorothy McGuire, Robert Young, Ina Claire, Reginald Gardiner, Olga Baclanova, and Jean Howard. The film was based on a Broadway play of the same name from 1941.

Architect David Naughton (Robert Young) and his young wife Claudia (Dorothy McGuire) make their home on a Connecticut farm. Claudia is more girl than woman, she makes life difficult for her husband. Afraid he doesn’t find her desirable enough, she makes him jealous by flirting with a neighbor. She also tries to impress her husband by selling the farm, making a lot of profit. When Claudia learns that she is pregnant and that her mother (Ina Claire) is terminally ill, she must grow up quickly.

G. said the film “Claudia” was quite good. Why did he like this story?

In 1944 he also went to other films:

Monday, March 6  to flicks, not a bad show.

Saturday, March 11 went to afternoon flicks.

Monday, May 15 to see film, Madame Curie.

Saturday, June 17 saw a flick.

Friday, August 18 to see a film.

Friday, September 1 went to a fairly good film.