“Felt real fear last night”

G. writes about the robot bombs in his diary. Kent known as Bomb Alley was under continuous attack. The Nazi’s first launched the V-1 to target London on 13 June 1944, one week after the successful Allied landings in Europe. More than 9500 V-1’s were fired at south-east England from France and The Netherlands.

Monday, July 3 Rainy most of the day. Went to Sev: market, got back at 5 p.m. having tea with M. At 5.45 Robot bomb hit top wheatfield just over hedge from house + buildings + that was that. Buildings demolished house a rank mess + badly damaged. Acre of wheat gone. N came down. R & I slept at Gibbons. N in his car.

Thursday, November 9 A very cold but dry day. To E. for weekly shopping. Got some bran + oats for Peter. Did a spot of hedging at C. Lane in afternoon. Felt real fear last night for the first time since this lousy war started. Felt as if a couple of flying bombs were coming straight for here.

The V-1 was called a “Doodlebug” or a “Flying robot”. It looked like a small aeroplane but had no pilot. It was a bomb with wings. This so-called “Vergeltungswaffen” was deployed for the terror bombing of London. It was developed by the Nazi German Luftwaffe in 1939 and at that time known by the codename “Cherry Stone”.